Recovery For The Abused Woman
       "Empowering the abused woman to recover with God's truth" 
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Abused Woman Ministries' Inc. School of Healing (AWMSOH)

"Healing through recovery with God's truth"

Welcome to the Abused Woman Ministries’ Inc. School of Healing (AWMSOH); Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks is the Founder and Administrator of the school. Our mission is to heal abused women by helping them get rid of toxic emotions (anger, bitterness, resentment, fear, rejection, etc.) first, with the truth of God’s Word, so they can recover from the effects of domestic violence.

The AWMSOH is the educational institution of Abused Woman Ministries, Inc. Abused Woman Ministries, Inc. was started in December 2008 as the educational support tool for The Lula McGrady Foundations, Inc. (TLMF) because Dr. Hooks knows its going to take in-depth teaching for the abused woman to fully recover.

The Lula McGrady Foundation, Inc. (TLMF) is a Christian based nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, which believes in healing of the whole person: spirit, soul, and body. The mission of the organization is to alleviate the pain and suffering associated with domestic violence and being homeless; subsequently, “to help rebuild their life.” Our reason for existence is to help people get set free from bondages that will hinder them from having a productive life; especially, the bondage of domestic violence for women and their children – this is our main focal group. This will be accomplished through the training from the “Abused Woman Ministries’ Inc. School of Healing,” which includes an 8 to 12-week (can be longer) Christian based educational program, “Tools for Triumphant Living.” This program was developed by Charlana Kelly, Founder of Christian Women’s Coalition of Ocala, FL.

Under the Abused Woman Ministries, Inc., the Abused Woman Recovery Group (2009), Abused Woman Recovery Program (2009), and Abused Woman Ministries’ Inc. School of Healing (2010) was born. The first step is teaching abused women that they need to forgive their abuser and how to do that using the “Biblical Foundations of Freedom” (BFOF) Program. Then we teach them what abuse is, and once they understand what abuse is, they can be taught how to recover; we make sure we let them know recovering from abuse is a process.

We understand there are many, many abused women out there who were traumatized because of the domestic violence they experienced. And we know that unless the pain they suffered as a result of the domestic violence and everything associated with it is gone from their lives, abused women cannot fully recover.

After the abusive relationship, the abused woman will experience all of these toxic emotions (Anger, resentment, bitterness, fear, etc.); although they are common emotions to feel after such traumatic event, she needs to get rid of them – and that’s where the AWMSOH comes in – to show her how to get rid of those toxic emotions.

Dr. Hooks experienced all of these emotions after her abusive relationship was over therefore she understands other abused women’s plight. Unforgiveness was the worst thing she had to overcome; Dr. Hooks suffered with unforgiveness until she decided to forgive her ex-husband (through pain and many tears), but she finally realized, she could not begin her healing process until she forgave him.

The clients who come through the AWMSOH must go through the “Biblical Foundations of Freedom” Program first so they can get rid of those toxic emotions (anger, bitterness, resentment, etc.) and its root cause which is unforgiveness; then they will be able to go through the “Abused Woman Recovery Program” and come out fully recovered.

Welcome to the journey that is going to change your life!

God's Blessings to you all,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD